What is a Personal Injury Journal and Why Should I Use One After a Vehicle Accident?

Evidence is king in a personal injury claim, and this is one of the primary reasons to keep a personal injury journal. Victims deserve fair compensation for their pain and suffering after an accident, but it’s often hard to convince a jury or insurance company of what is fair. Personal injury journals make it much harder to deny the physical and emotional pain that accident victims are experiencing, putting them in a better position to fight for what they deserve.

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What a Personal Injury Journal Includes

A personal injury journal includes the important details of the accident you were involved in, the injuries you sustained, how those injuries have changed over time, and the expenses you have accumulated. This provides concrete evidence of events and expenses that often fade with time.

You can start your journal by writing down everything you remember about the accident. Right now, the accident is likely fresh in your mind and you can’t imagine forgetting it. However, memories fade with time and you might even find that false or altered memories take their place. By writing down everything you remember as soon as possible, you can preserve an accurate image of the accident.

How to Track the Progress of Your Injuries

One of the most important purposes of a personal injury journal is to show how your injury progresses and how it changes your life. An injury changes an individual’s life in countless ways, and these changes often never get told to an insurance company.

For example, who would think to tell an insurance adjuster that they can no longer carry a laundry basket and have to wait until their spouse gets home every night? And yet, that information is valuable when determining the severity of an injury and understanding how it has changed your life.

Each day, jot notes about your day. Try to include information like:

  • Your pain level at several points throughout the day
  • Pain medications you take to meet your daily obligations
  • Daily tasks you have to skip, reassign, or get help with due to your injury
  • Activities and events you have to skip because of your injuries
  • The times you have friends or family members come over to help you with things you cannot do on your own
  • Personal care activities you need help with, such as showering, changing clothes, and taking care of your appearance

Track Other Important Information

This journal can also be a useful way to track the expenses you accumulate because of the accident. If you pick up a prescription for pain medications, jot down the copay in your personal injury journal and add the receipt to your file. If you have to miss a day of work because of pain or a doctor’s appointment, make sure to add that to your journal. When you go to an appointment related to your injury, track your mileage. These expenses add up quickly, and they should be reflected in the settlement you receive.

Maximizing Your Case Value

How does all of this strengthen your case? The value of your case all comes down to the actual expenses you incur and how much your injuries affect your life. Many accident victims have difficulty detailing how their injuries have affected them when they are put on the spot. They forget the million tiny inconveniences they deal with each day, the expenses they’ve accumulated, and the activities they can no longer participate in.

A personal injury journal tracks all of this and more, putting the effects of your accident in black and white. It can also detail the progression of your injury. This puts an end to insurance companies claiming that you’ve already healed and that your injury is not as serious as you think. With the journal, you can point to specific days you missed work because of pain, high pain level days that put you out of commission, and lost time with your family that you will never get back.

How Weaver Tidmore Can Help

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Mistakes to Avoid in a Personal Injury Case

A personal injury claim can give you justice after you have suffered physical and financial harm because of someone else’s negligence. However, you have to remember that your claim is under scrutiny. Insurance companies spend a lot of many trying to poke holes in personal injury claims and finding ways to deny payouts.

These are some of the most common mistakes we see when helping people with their personal injury claims. To discuss your case and get the aggressive representation you deserve, call Weaver Tidmore at 205-980-6065.

Settling Too Fast

One of the most common mistakes that accident victims make is settling with the insurance company too fast. It’s easy to be wooed by an insurance adjuster. They are excellent at appearing compassionate, getting information about the accident out of you, appearing concerned about your wellbeing, and ensuring you that the insurance company wants to do what’s right.

However, this is all to encourage you to accept a low settlement and sign a liability waiver. This means giving up your right to sue for damages in the future, and it’s often in exchange for an insultingly low settlement.

Instead of settling for the first amount they offer, hire a personal injury attorney before you even speak with them.

Being Too Open About Your Claim

Many people have active social media presences, which may extend to posting regular updates about their accident and injury progress, case updates, and more. This can be extremely damaging to your case. Insurance adjusters will look at any information they can find about you and find a way to twist it in their favor. Stay quiet and only discuss your case with your attorney and your medical care providers.

Similarly, do not talk to the other party about your claim or anyone representing them. This includes their attorney and their insurance company. All communication should go through your lawyer. Remember, no matter how much you are in the right, nothing you say to the other side will be used to absolve you or give you more money.

Ignoring Medical Advice

Going against your doctor’s recommendations can be very harmful to you in a personal injury case. It indicates that you don’t take your injuries seriously or truly want to heal, which gives the insurance company ammunition they can use to avoid paying you. Go to all recommended appointments, do the right exercises, and take the medications you are prescribed. Document everything you are told and everything you do in relation to your injuries.

Getting Back to Regular Life Too Quickly

“Getting back on the horse” is a good idea when you’re healing from a minor injury, but if you’ve been seriously injured in an accident, it’s a bad idea. Jumping right back into daily activities can delay your healing progress and make it appear that you aren’t as injured as you claim. Furthermore, going this route often means going against medical advice, which the insurance company will use as a reason to offer a low settlement. There will be time to get back to work, exercise, and other activities. For now, though, your most important job is healing.

Trying to DIY Your Case

The idea of doing your personal injury claim yourself is tempting. Instead of paying part of your payout to an attorney, you get to keep 100%. However, 100% of a tiny payout is not nearly as good as a smaller portion of a much larger payout. When you negotiate with the insurance company on your own, you could literally be giving away money.

The insurance adjusters have lots of experience chipping away at settlement offers until you’re forced to accept less than what you deserve. Instead of spending your time on the phone with insurance companies, choose an aggressive personal injury attorney who will fight for you while you heal.

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