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Safe Driving Tips for the Holiday Season

The holidays mark some of the busiest days that American roadways see each year. On top of that, many parts of the country see ice, snow, and other weather conditions that make driving hazardous. For these and other reasons, it is crucial to plan for a safe drive if you are planning to hit the road to visit loved ones.

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Create a Comprehensive Plan

Don’t wait until the morning of your drive to know which routes you are taking and who will be in each car. Review the fastest route for your trip, divide people into vehicles if you’re traveling in a large group, and know exactly when you plan on leaving and when you hope to arrive. The day before you leave, make sure all fluids are properly refilled and you have a full gas tank.

Avoid Fatigued Driving

Driving while tired is the default option for many people, particularly parents. However, it is crucial to avoid this trap while driving during the holidays. This is one of the busiest times of the year and being fatigued puts you at significantly higher risk of an accident. In fact, some research indicates that driving while extremely fatigued is as dangerous as driving while chemically impaired.

While planning out your time to leave and your breaks, make sure you can fit in a solid night of sleep before you leave. If there are long stretches on the road, consider switching drivers partway through to ensure that each driver gets the breaks they need.

Review Defensive Driving Tactics

No matter how long you have been driving, it is never a bad time for a review of defensive driving techniques. In fact, if you have been driving a long time, a review may be overdue. Make sure you know the appropriate following distance, which precautions to take on snowy roads, and how to avoid blind spot crashes.

Limit Distractions

Distracted driving is perhaps one of the biggest threats to drivers and passengers these days. To minimize the temptation of your phone while driving, make sure you have a long playlist of music or podcasts to keep you entertained. You can also check out audiobooks from your library. Ensure that your GPS directions are geared up and ready to go so you do not need to fiddle with your phone as you drive.

Furthermore, keep others in your vehicle from becoming a major distraction. If you are traveling with young children, keep snacks and drinks easily accessible. Make sure that they have plenty of activities, books, and toys to keep them from whining and taking your attention off the road.

Check Your Route for Convenient Stops

Frequent bathroom and meal breaks are key to a successful holiday road trip. Check your route for convenient pit stops, whether it’s your family’s favorite fast food restaurant or a reliable gas station chain. If you are switching drivers throughout the trip, as recommended above, make sure your stops are spaced appropriately to allow for necessary breaks.

Section Your Trip into Multiple Days if Necessary

When it comes to holiday trips, many people are of the mindset that you should get the driving portion over as quickly as possible. This might mean driving straight through the night to reach your destination or limiting breaks. While this may help you reach your destination a bit earlier, it can also make driving much more dangerous.

If you have an exceptionally long drive ahead of you, don’t be afraid to split your drive into multiple days and stop at a hotel halfway during your trip. Yes, it may cost you a bit of time, but it can also help you reach your destination safely.

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